The wonders of having a mindset

Today I want to share with you a beautiful tool I discover on my first year of college and that has helped me in my brightest and darkest times, It has guided me through the happiest moments of my life and has shed a light in the saddest moments as well, The tool is called: Our Mindset.
Our mindset is how we prepare our thoughts and attitude, we can do this at any given moment of the day but experts recommend you do this every night when you are going to bed and every morning when you wake up, Your mindset for the mornings should come from a place of gratitude, kindness, and love and in the nighttime it should come from a place of reflection, introspection, and growth, This way no matter the obstacles you are going through at the moment won’t overcome your emotions, your well being and your rational and logical thinking.
While developing my mindset for mornings and nights I rekindle a quote from Albert Einstein and it goes like this: There are two ways of going through life, One is to act as if nothing it’s a miracle and the second one is to act as if everything is a miracle, It’s your decision, And there, in the middle of my morning coffee back in January 2009 (in that time I drank coffee hehe) I had enlightenment, And I said to myself and proceed to write in a post-it I am the only one in charge of my happiness, I don’t ever want to give that power to somebody else, And I also said to myself and also proceed to write down, When the time of relationships comes in my life I’m not going to engage in meaningless confrontation with the person I am with, If life presents me the opportunity to brighten someone’s day daily I will do it the best way I can, and the most mature one too, And Yes, Mel in her early 20’s had her mind straight (hahaha) So yes, It takes time but if you begin cultivating this jewel since your early 20’s by the time you are 29 like me Life gets very peaceful and quiet..! ( And who does not love that).
And so the months went by and I began my first career in college, like everything in life it was not so easy at first but thanks to this strong mindset it got better and better, And I felt this tremendous joy and satisfaction in everything I did, and it showed, the quality of my relationships improved 100%, I slept better, had more energy, I became solution-oriented and I excelled in my class, I was very happy.
If human beings understood better that within them holds the power of greatness and doing amazing things, and they can achieve greatness with baby steps every day, Little by little the world would become a better place, but you know what they say, we are halfway there, and the world is indeed becoming a better place.
I know it’s not always easy and it’s not normal to every day be 100% positive, Cause I would be, and excuse my french but, I would be bullshitting you if I tell you that I don’t have bad days, I do have them, more often than people think, but at the end of the day it’s your attitude and the lessons you take of these rough days that shape you into the best version of yourself.
When you have healthy mindsets your life transforms, you feel free, free of worries, free of judgment, free of expectations, free of attachments, free of guilt, free of emotional codependency, free of conflict and so many more ways to feel freedom, But you have to do your part, You have to deprogram yourself of this culture of hashtags, likes, retweets, comments, tik toks, tags, and remember your core value as a human being, Reprogram yourself of this silliness that if it’s not on social media it does not exists, Who said that? Who entitles that? I completely disagree to that, I mean I am no guru on this and I have been learning a lot of this since August 2018, but it all comes down to choices and priorities and logical thinking, And who’s to say that you are the number of likes you get or the number of views of your Instagram story, Your value comes from the fact that you are ENOUGH just the way you are, You don’t need to prove anything to anyone and nobody is asking you to do so as well, It all comes back to remembering that feeling of freedom and well being, the total detachment, the ultimate goal to rise above of a culture of external validation, Deprogram yourself from all this nonsense and create a new mindset for yourself, You owe it to yourself, And that is also part of a mindset.
Another thing that it’s super important to me and my mindset is being super clear in who you are and what you can control and what you can’t control, And here comes the itchy part, All around the world there are still people who have the sensation that they can control or manipulate other people’s emotions, decisions, words, thoughts, And when their awakening comes it’s going to be a very rough one, Why? Because NOBODY can control NO ONE, You can’t manage people emotions or decisions or try to impose thoughts, music, beliefs, political ques or even a simple quote or even better you can’t impose guess what, MINDSET, I’m super clear that I’m talking about how a mindset changed my life but I’m also clear that not everybody it’s going to have a will to have it or create it, Those things happen because people want or desire a change within themselves, So yes, If you ever in your life got the idea you were manipulating or controlling someone or had someone in the palm of your hand, Newsflash, you may be wrong, And it’s super clear, For some people takes more time than the other but when you get to this point right here, feels amazingly well.
So yeah getting in the freedom train takes time, and lessons, but it’s so worth it, I recommend it all the time Because at the end you are what you repeatedly do, So, Freedom becomes a daily habit like all the great things.
Enjoy your life, Learn to Manage your emotions and well being, Learn to detach yourself from validation, Focus on yourself, and believe me, you will see better days, Always.

With Love,
Mel B.

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